Question: How do I sign up to get a username and password?

Answer: Once you complete a purchase by clicking on the "buy now" button with your selection of coupons. You'll be redirected back to this site where it will display your username and password for this site. In addition, you'll receive an email sent to your paypal email address stating your username and password. If you made a purchase before and forgot your password, you can click on the "Forgot my password" link and you should receive an email with your password. Or you can send an email to support@cvs4off20.com and I can retrieve your password for you.

Question: What is the expiration of the coupon?

Answer: Any coupons that you activate will expire within 9 to 10 days from the date of activation. To activate a coupon, please click on the "click here" icons. You can retrieve your previously activated coupons by clicking on the "cvs" icon. Any coupons that you don't activate will be available to you until you do with no expiration date.

Question: How do I print my coupons?

Answer: Once you have the coupon in view, please hold down the key CTRL then press the letter P. This will bring up the printer dialog box.